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Quietkat, Rambo, and BAKCOU - What’s New With The 3 Biggest Names In Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bikes

Year in and year out it seems the 3 biggest names in the world of fat tire electric hunting bikes continue to be Quietkat, BAKCOU, and Rambo. All of them are well known for using high-quality components to create fun, reliable, tough machines that will completely revolutionize your outdoor experience, whether you're using them for hunting or just exploring.  Every year these manufacturers continue to refine and improve their products, so let’s take a look at what’s new with the world’s top fat tire electric hunting bike manufacturers! QuietKat For 2020, Quietkat has announced that they have completely redesigned the frame on their e-bikes. The new look and geometry features an integrated battery. Additionally, Quietkat now has motor options available... Read More